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The journal publishes issues every March and October.&nbsp;</p> The Implementation of Good Local Governance: An Analysis in Former Mining Areas 2023-08-30T03:23:27+00:00 Novendra Hidayat Abdul Fatah Tiara Elgi Fienda Irvan Ansyari <p>The main focus of reform in Indonesia is the realization of a civil society that embodies the principles of good governance. The study aims to examine and analyze the phenomenon of good local governance in Sawahlunto’s Municipality. This study employs a qualitative approach with a descriptive case study. The data collection technique is conducted through interviews, documentation, and observation, employing the triangulation of data. The informants were selected via purposive sampling. The conclusion drawn from this study is that, in terms of accountability, it must be published in the LAKIP and LKPJ as a tool of government information systems, and it is recommended that private accountants conduct audits on specific programs or activities. For Transparency, conducting public hearings for every policy decision concerning public interests, publishing every service procedure, establishing a Short Message Service (SMS) Centre, and holding regular meetings between the local government and stakeholders. The involvement of the community in the planning, implementation, and monitoring of development activities is facilitated through various mechanisms such as the Village and Sub-district Development Planning Meeting (Musrenbang Desa dan Kelurahan), the District Development Planning Meeting (Musrenbang Kecamatan), the Forum of Regional Work Units (Forum SKPD), and the City Development Planning Meeting (Musrenbang Kota). These processes aim to stimulate the grassroots economy and establish the City Development Facilitator (Fasbangkot).</p> 2023-03-31T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Analysis of Autonomous Learning as Method in Learning English: A Case Study 2023-08-30T07:58:18+00:00 Prasetya Rakhmat Darmawan Salamanja Adhan Kholis <p>In the modern era, teaching English is the main role for making students be able to get a skill and communicate with foreigners on social media and reality. English teaching needs teachers to teach students to develop both academic and personal abilities of English. English Teachers often used new methods and strategies in learning English and even these methods were often evaluated every week but, why there were still many students who had not been able to understand English in terms of theory and practice. Autonomous learning was a student-centered language learning method in order to be able to practice and that its approach made students autonomy focused on utilizing of cognitive and metacognitive resources to shape the English learning process. The writer uses library research (library research). Library research is research in which data collection techniques are carried out by reading various literature related to information and relevance to the research topic. As for the type of literature research that is being carried out, namely field research, research uses a descriptive type, namely to describe in detail about reality or phenomena by providing criticism or research on these phenomena. The approach used by the author in this study is a qualitative approach. This qualitative approach is used to solve actual problems by collecting, compiling, analyzing and classifying data. Various types of data sources in articles in the form of journals, research reports, scientific magazines, newspapers, relevant books, seminar results, unpublished scientific articles, sources, bibliographical letters, video graphics and so on</p> 2023-03-31T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Politeness Strategies Used by Chinese Characters in Movie ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ 2023-09-22T04:21:53+00:00 Dina Sayyidina Rani, Ms. Ika Piyana, Ms. Lucky Whyzly Pratama, Mr. Rifky Harpada, Mr. Resti Amalia <p>To achieve the communicative aims well, humans need an ability called pragmatic competence, especially for non-native speakers. One of the fields in which pragmatic competence plays a vital role is politeness. Each area has its own rules for politeness regarding the cultural things, including China. Thus, this study aimed to identify the positive politeness strategies used by Chinese characters in the movie entitled <em>Everything Everywhere All At Once. </em>By using descriptive qualitative method, the researchers took the data in the form of utterances said by the Chinese characters in the movie. From 11 data in total, the most used positive politeness strategy is strategy number 4, namely used in group identity markers. The results showed that the use of the positive politeness strategies by the Chinese characters is influenced by their cultural background. Therefore, they still applied it even when they are speaking in second-language.&nbsp;</p> <p>Keywords:&nbsp;<em>Chinese culture, culture, politeness, positive politeness strategy, second-language.&nbsp;</em></p> 2023-09-24T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##