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The journal publishes issues every March and October.&nbsp;</p> POLITICAL REPRESENTATION OF WOMEN IN THE BANGKA TENGAH DITRICT LEGISLATURE REGENCY FOR THE 2019-2024 PERIOD 2024-05-19T02:47:54+00:00 Dirga Ferdian <p>This research discusses the political representation of women in the <br>Central Bangka Regency legislature. The substantial presence of women in <br>the legislature is very important, not just to complete the seats but as an <br>effort to provide access and authority to women to be able to carry their <br>interests. Political representation does not discuss how many <br>representatives are present in a parliament, but looks at how the process of <br>represented interests can be carried by those who represent them. The <br>presence of women as a council is expected to bring the interests of women, <br>through their role in shaping policies in the fulfillment of fair rights for <br>women. The purpose of this research is to find out the political <br>representation of women and also the obstacles faced by women council <br>members in the legislative body of the Regional People's Representative <br>Council of Bangka Tengah Regency for the 2019-2024 period. The theory <br>used in this research is Hanna Fenichel Pitkin's theory of Representation. <br>The research method in this study is using Qualitative research methods <br>with data collection techniques of observation, interviews, and <br>documentation as supporting data. The results of this study are the political <br>representation of women in the Bangka Tengah Regional House of <br>Representatives based on formal representation, there are 4 female <br>councilors, then descriptive representation is characterized by similarities <br>in gender characteristics and interests, and symbolic representation is seen <br>from the similarity between the identities that represent. Meanwhile, in <br>substantive representation based on the legislative function, the Bangka<br>Tengah Regional House of Representatives can be said to be good. This is <br>because there are 4 local regulations agreed upon relating to women and <br>children. The budget function of the council's substantive representation <br>runs very well, this is shown by the increase in the budget every year at <br>DP2KBP3A. The supervisory function based on substantive representation <br>can be said to be good, this is because Central Bangka Regency managed to <br>get the Parahita Ekapraya Award. In addition, there are no significant <br>obstacles faced by women councils in the Central Bangka Regional House of <br>Representatives. This is because they have been on the council for a long <br>time and have the experience to deal with all situations.</p> 2024-04-29T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## THEME AND RHEME ANALYSIS IN KURIKULUM MERDEKA ENGLISH TEXTBOOK OF JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL 2024-05-19T02:50:24+00:00 Ali Mahfud Desy Rusmawaty Ventje Jany Kalukar <p>This research is about theme and rheme analysis using Systemic Functional Linguistic approach by Halliday. The purpose of this research is to identify theme and rheme, classify the types and components of theme and rheme and also identify the thematic development. The method used in this research is qualitative method. The research data is taken from Kurikulum Merdeka textbooks of English subjects at the junior high school level. The results showed that there were three types of themes found in the data, namely topical, interpersonal, and textual themes. Topical theme appears in 55%, interpersonal theme appears in 34%, and textual theme appears in 10%. The appearance of type theme in each clause often coincides with other themes. It is very rare for one clause to have only one theme. Thematic development found in the data is multiple theme and zigzag theme. Some data bring up themes implicitly because the type of data is in the form of dialogue which often occurs word elimination</p> 2024-05-19T02:46:55+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## POLITICS OF HEALTHCARE REFORM IN AFRICA: INSIGHTS FROM RURAL NIGERIA 2024-05-19T03:18:04+00:00 Afeez Folorunsho Lawal <p>Healthcare reform is largely a political process which requires a careful analysis for better understanding. The process is often characterized by politics of domination and influence by various actors on the policy scene. This study examines the power relations that shaped the design and implementation of a Community-Based Health Insurance programme in Nigeria. Health policy triangle developed by Walt and Gilson serves as the analytical tool. Using a qualitative method of data collection, this study sheds light on the recent trends in health policy transfer to Africa from the global North and reveals the underlying politics in the design and implementation of a CBHI programme in rural Kwara. Specifically, we highlight the process through which the policy was proposed and accepted. Also, our study shows the political underpinnings of the design and implementation of the policy. Finally, we argue for a need to repurpose the role of the state (i.e. government) towards achieving meaningful development and to gainfully improve social services provisioning, especially in the healthcare sector. Given the importance of healthcare to the well-being of the people, productivity and national development, this study contributes to understanding the issues ‘behind the scenes’ in relation to policy design and implementation.</p> 2024-05-19T03:18:04+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## THAILAND’S HEDGING STRATEGY UNDER THE STRATEGIC COMPETITION BETWEEN CHINA AND THE UNITED STATES 2024-05-21T05:23:49+00:00 Yongping Feng Chanattaporn Netkhunakorn <p>Thailand's foreign policy stance has shifted dramatically since the Prayuth regime staged a coup in 2014. The purpose of this study: 1) Complement and expand on the theoretical meaning of hedging strategy. 2) It can theoretically support Thailand in the face of strategic conflict between China and the United States. 3) Be aware of why Thailand implements a hedging strategy and know the specific performance of Thailand’s hedging strategy. 4) It will aid in the growth of Thailand's connections with the two big countries. 5) This article can provide certain reference for research related to Thailand’s diplomatic strategy. The method of this study adopts content documentary analysis, case analysis method, literature research and historical method.</p> <p>According to the findings of this study, Thailand has begun to tilt more toward requesting assistance from China in Prayuth goverment. Many researchers are concerned about Thailand's neutrality. However, Thailand has not yet vanished from the United States. Just a few steps removed from the Obama and Trump administrations. Thailand has begun to rebuild its old friendship with America as the Joe Biden era looms. But anyway Thailand cannot choose a side. Because Thailand is a reliable ally on both sides. This has caused the Prayut government to seek cooperation from other organizations and countries, including Japan, India, and ASEAN. Thailand has accelerated the development of economic links with Japan. Accelerate the political development of relations with India. and establishing ties with ASEAN and Southeastern countries in order to find a way for small countries to maintain their own interests as much as possible in the fight between the two superpowers. Although hedging techniques are currently the preferred option for smaller countries, the variables driving this strategy differ. In Thailand, the majority of the factors that influence hedging tactics originate within the country. But all bordering countries are influenced by foreign causes. As a result, Thailand has become another special case of hedging among ASEAN countries.</p> 2024-05-21T05:18:05+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##