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The journal publishes issues every March and October.&nbsp;</p> THE USE OF MEDIA AND LEARNING METHOD VARIATIONS TO IMPROVE STUDENTS' ABILITY IN IDENTIFYING INTRINSIC ELEMENTS OF POETRY IN CLASS V SDN JATIMULYA 02 BEKASI REGENCY 2022-01-03T16:51:39+00:00 Soelis Setyoningrum Nani Solihati <p>The appropriate method can increase the effectiveness of learning in schools. Even easy subject is sometimes difficult to be developed and be accepted by students because the method used is not appropriate. Therefore, this study discusses several variations of learning methods in improving the ability of elementary school students to understand the intrinsic elements contained in poetry. This research is a quantitative study with a Pre-Experimental Design approach in the form of One Group Pretest-Posttest Design. This research was conducted at SDN Jatimulya 02, South Tambun, West Java. The data sources in this study were fifth-grade students at SDN Jatimulya 02 as the sample and the population consisted of 61 students, consisting of 36 girls and 25 boys. Data collection techniques using observation and test techniques. The observations made in this study were participatory because the researchers were directly involved. In this study, the researcher involved himself in the situation under study, namely as a teacher. Researchers used three types of assessments in this observation, namely an assessment of the Learning Implementation Plan (RPP), an assessment of the implementation of learning, and an assessment of student tests or evaluations (cycles). The activeness of students in the class became the object of observation. The use of questionnaires was also carried out, to determine the effectiveness of students in learning Indonesian. The questionnaire is a list of written questions that must be answered to obtain certain information from students. The questionnaire is made based on a questionnaire grid that refers to the formulation of the problem. The test is used to measure students' abilities in cognitive aspects, or the level of mastery of learning materials. The process of implementing the learning outcomes test is carried out after the discussion of one subject has ended, or after one quarter or one semester has been completed. Based on the results of the study, it can be interpreted that the use of media variations and learning methods affects students' listening skills in identifying intrinsic elements. This is evidenced by the completeness of students' scores at the beginning of the test and the end of the test. In the implementation of the initial test, there were 41% of students did not complete it. However, in the final test, 100% of students were declared complete or reached the KKM.</p> 2021-10-30T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## THE EFFECTIVENESS OF USING LINKTREE AND WORDWALL APPLICATIONS ON IPS LEARNING OUTCOMES FOR CLASS V SDN CILANGKAP 01 2022-01-03T16:51:39+00:00 Bella Santika Retna Ningtyas Mimin Ninawati <p>In this globalization era, information technology has rapidly grown, and it gives a huge effect on the education field. The use of application technology in the world of education is unavoidable today. Because of this covid-19 pandemic, online learning has been a new mode and the education institutions inevitably should use the application technology in their learning process. This research suggests <em>Linktree</em> and <em>Wordwall </em>as new alternatives that can be used by the student in the learning process. This research focuses on the effectiveness of using <em>Linktree</em> and <em>Wordwall</em> applications on IPS learning outcomes of the student class V. This research is quantitative research with a correlational approach. This approach is used to reveal the relationship and the level of the relationship between two or more variables. The result of the research is described based on the obtained data from the questionnaires and tests. The results of this study indicate that there is a significant relationship between the use of <em>Linktree</em> and <em>Wordwall</em> applications on Social Studies Learning Outcomes for Class V students with a correlation coefficient between X<sub>1 </sub>and Y of 0,365. The provisions of the correlation test by comparing r<sub>coun</sub>t &gt; r<sub>table</sub> (0,365 &gt; 0,355) and p-value of 0,022 &lt; 0,05. Therefore, there is a significant relationship between X<sub>1 </sub>and Y. The correlation coefficient between X<sub>2 </sub>and Y of 0,477 &gt; r<sub>table</sub> 0,355. The provisions of the correlation test by comparing r<sub>coun</sub><sub>t</sub> &gt; r<sub>table</sub> = 0,477 and p-value of 0,003 &lt; 0,05. By this result, it can be concluded that the relationship X<sub>2 </sub>and Y is significant.</p> 2021-10-08T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## PARADIPLOMACY OF INDONESIAN SUB-STATE ACTOR: DIGITAL DIPLOMACY OF JAKARTA GOVERNMENT IN RESPONSE TO COVID-19 2022-01-03T16:51:39+00:00 Luerdi Luerdi <p>The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused challenges to international affairs in term of health, economy, politics and security in addition to the changes of interaction between actors. As one of the regional governments in a unitary state and a capital city of Indonesia, the Jakarta government projected its paradiplomacy in response to the pandemic. Its status as a lower administration under the national government did not prevent it from taking active efforts by exploiting internet and digital technology development. The paper aims to describe the Jakarta government’s paradiplomatic practices in responding to the COVID-19. This research applied the qualitative method with a descriptive analysis. In addition, this research employed the concept of paradiplomacy and digital diplomacy. The findings show that the Jakarta government carried out digital diplomacy as the form of its paradiplomacy in a number of activities such as providing reliable information, collaborating with foreign communities, participating in global forum, releasing gubernatorial message, improving data platform capability and initiating an international forum at home. Such internet-supported activities were meant to share experience, collaborate and provide transparency. Paradiplomacy in the form of digital diplomacy activities was mainly conducted to gain trust to the regional government from its international audiences and create an image that Jakarta was a crisis-proof city and the part of global community. The paper argues that sub-national governments’ roles in international affairs are becoming important thanks to a new room for diplomacy practices, strengthened by unprecedented global crises.</p> 2021-10-31T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## POLITICS OF RECOGNITION: A RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN ORANG LOM AND STATE FOR CIVIL RIGHTS SERVICES (STUDY IN AIR ABIK, BELINYU DISTRICT, BANGKA BELITUNG ISLANDS) 2022-01-03T16:51:40+00:00 Bahjatul Murtasidin Michael Jeffri Sinabutar Bob Morison Sigalingging <p>Adherents of ancestral religions stand in two entities as indigenous peoples and as citizens after the Constitutional Court Decision Number 96 of 2016 provided hope for believers as citizens to express their communal identity. This research aims to find out the form of relationship between <em>Orang Lom </em>and the state to civil rights services and to see the efforts made by <em>Orang Lom</em> to gain recognition from the state so that they have access to civil services. The approach in this study put forward Axel Honneth's political theory of recognition by dissecting it through the elements of subjectivity, objectivity, and solidarity that developed in the practice of civil rights services for the Mapur Lom Tribe. This study utilized a descriptive qualitative method with a case-study approach in the Mapur Indigenous Community of <em>Orang Lom</em>, Belinyu District, Bangka Belitung. The data collection technique was conducted through observation, in-depth interviews, and literature studies. Moreover, data analysis applied various sources, both from key informants and secondary data. The data analysis was performed by using an interactive model in the form of data reduction, data presentation, and conclusion. The results showed that the relationship between <em>Orang </em><em>Lom</em> and the state seemed more administrative in nature on the basis of the prevailing laws and regulations regarding civil service and population administration. At this time, <em>Orang </em><em>Lom </em>can put their belief in God Almighty in the column of National ID Card, but traditional marriage has not been recognized so that it has an impact on children's birth certificates and education services. In terms of the funeral of the adherents of folk religions, they do not receive any rejection from the community while for the organization's administration, the existence of the Mapur Customary Institution of <em>Orang Lom</em> receives recognition from <em>M</em><em>ajelis Luhur Kepercayaan Indonesia</em>.</p> 2021-10-27T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## NON-STATE ACTOR IN CONFLICT TRANSFORMATION: MULTICULTURAL EDUCATION OF MA DAARUL ULUUM PUI MAJALENGKA TOWARDS ETHNO-RELIGION CONFLICT IN SOUTHERN THAILAND 2022-01-03T16:51:40+00:00 Zabieb Nu’aim Ridwan Sugito Sugito <p>The conflict between the Malay Muslim and the Thailand government in Southern Thailand has become one of the ethno-religion conflicts that effects the security of the Southeast Asian region. Various actors, both local and international, have attempted to broker peace between the parties in the conflict. Based on the conflict transformation theory, this study aims to discover the role of MA Daarul Uluum PUI Majalengka as a non-state actor in promoting peace through efforts of conflict transformation in the Southern Thailand ethno-religion conflict. The research method used is qualitative type research with descriptive analysis technique, through primary and secondary type data management. Primary data was obtained from interview and secondary data was obtained from written sources that support the study. This research shows there is an effort made by MA Daarul Uluum PUI Majalengka to conduct peace education through a student and teacher exchange scheme with several schools in Thailand that have Buddhist identity backgrounds in order to grow tolerance between ethnicities and religions in Thailand.</p> 2021-10-30T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## THE PEATLAND RESTORATION AGENCY’S ECONOMIC REVITALIZATION PROGRAM IN ACHIEVING THE TRANSBOUNDARY HAZE-FREE ASEAN 2020 IN RIAU PROVINCE 2022-01-03T16:51:40+00:00 Yusnarida Eka Nizmi Yessi Olivia Umi Oktyari Retnaningsih M Saeri Ahmad Jama’an Alfajri Alfajri <p><em>This study analyses the implementation of good governance principles for the economic revitalization program under the supervision of Riau Province’s Badan Restorasi Gambut (Peatland Restoration Agency). One of the aims of this program is to support the haze-free ASEAN 2020 roadmap. Riau province is an area prone to forest fire disasters. Its peatland area,&nbsp; which is larger than Malaysia’s total peatlands, have a very high potential for damage due to forest fires. To mitigate the damages, BRG initiated the 3R program: Rewetting, Revegetation, and Revitalization. What makes this topic interesting is BRG emphasizes the aspects of economic empowerment of local communities to prevent further forest and peatland damages. To assess the implementation of BRG’s program, our research team conducted several interviews with representatives from Indonesia’s Ministry of Environment and Forestry, NGOs, academics, farmers, and villages’ facilitators who assisted local communities that received the BRG’s assistance packages. Our study shows that BRG’s economic revitalization program had succeeded in creating small scale economic activities such as honey industry, pineapple farming, and catfish farming. However, the ineffective coordination and communication between BRG and the local communities had prevented them from constructing an effective method to prevent future forest fires.</em></p> 2021-10-30T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## TOURISM VERSUS MINING: CONTESTED SPACE IN TANJUNG PUTAT BEACH AND LEPAR BEACH, BELINYU DISTRICT, BANGKA REGENCY 2022-01-03T16:51:40+00:00 Berlian Zarina Ibrahim Ibrahim Rini Arcdha Saputri Rendy Rendy <p>Tourism is one of the sustainable income sectors that is predicted as a post-mining sector. Thus, the area of tourism activities, especially beaches are minimized to be damaged, including juxtaposing it with mining. The research aims to elaborate on spatial contestation that occurred at Tanjung Putat Beach and Lepar Beach, Belinyu District, Bangka Regency. The theoretical basis used in this research is using the concept of spatial production from Henri Lefebvre which consists of 3 concepts related to the production of space, namely spatial practice, representational space, and spatial representation. The method of the research is qualitative with a descriptive method. In collecting the data, in-depth interviews were used with the informants who were closely related to the research being studied. The spatial contestation has indeed occurred in Tanjung Putat Beach and Lepar Beach, Belinyu District, Bangka Regency. However, the impact of mining activities has an impact on tourism in the vicinity, this is reinforced by protests against these mining activities.</p> 2021-10-30T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## FROM CONFLICT TO ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION: A CASE STUDY OF LOCAL INHABITANTS’ RESISTANCE TO TIN MINING IN SELINDUNG VILLAGE, BANGKA BARAT 2022-01-03T16:51:40+00:00 Sarpin Sarpin Ibrahim Ibrahim Herza Herza <p>The sea and the cost with the abundant resources frequently become the competition among the groups of interest. The competition is close to the conflict and ends up with the physical and verbal violence. Selindung village located in the coast area of Muntok, West Bangka is the area of the abundant resources, marine biota, and tin commodity. The contradiction of the economic interest causes the emerge of longer conflict. This study aims to map these conflicts and offers to the best alternative to cope with. This study is a qualitative research with the interview and observation strategy as the data collection. The result of the conflict mapping shows that the conflicted area shows the social tension. The pro and anti tin mining groups clash each other with the company interest, the local government, and the impact of the local people’s occupation interfere that causes a conflict. The conflict itself has experienced up and down however the various tin mining moduses stand still. The conflicts that have been mapped are the competition of resource access, the social jealousy, the policy of the maritime politics that does not accommodate the fishermen’ interest, as well as the issue of identity. There are four alternatives to get over these conflicts by referring to Galtung’s perspective namely supporting the role of government to be more accommodating and communicative to the majority interest, ensuring no extending licence of a large scale mining in the future, mediating by having two neutral parties, and finding new economic alternative to the local people who have already been depended on the mining activity.</p> 2021-10-30T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##